Here you’ll find several documents and information regarding my activity as speaker and consultant.

  • Seminar/course (ready to deliver. Contact now)
    • Brochure presentation (In Spanish): La publicación en revistas académicas. Un enfoque estratégico
    • Brochure presentation (in English soon): Publishing in academic journals. An strategic aproach
  • Webinar/lecture presentation (ready to deliver. Contact now)
    • Flyer presentation (In Spanish): El profesor y sus publicaciones. Técnicas bélicas en el entorno web 3.0
      • Recording of the webinar at SocialBiblio (In Spanish)
      • Seminar at Nebrija Universy (In Spanish)
    • Flyer presentation (in English soon): Professors and their publications. War techniques in the web 3.0 environment
  • eLearning course (ready to deliver)
    • Trailer presentation (In Spanish)
    • Link to the course (in Spanish): Cómo mejorar mis competencias de publicación en revistas científicas

Publish in Journals 3.0

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