Series on Academic Publishing

These e-Books are part of a series on scholarly publishing and the academic world, based on the reflections captured by the author in this blog since December 2012.

With an affordable price (0.99 USD), each containing 4,500 to 7,500 words, and an easy and quick read, make them the perfect mini-manuals as reference and self-help books to improve the knowledge and performance when disseminating research and publishing in scientific journals.

The series is initially composed of three books, available at

Publishing Research Papers in Academic Journals

1. Publishing Research Papers in Academic Journals

Understanding the scholarly publishing world, the pressures to publish in scientific journals and the role of women in academia



Scholarly Writing, Citations, and SEO

2. Scholarly Writing, Citations and SEO

How to increase the probabilities of your research paper to be cited through writing and academic SEO



Understanding Academic Journals and Its Editors

 3. Understanding Academic Journals and its Editors

The world through the eyes of the editors of scientific journals

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