The class struggle in academia. A manifesto

classwar1To scholars of all lands and fields of knowledge:

Journals are threatened by open access, free citation metrics and web 3.0.

Publishing houses, universities and governments are uniting in a holy alliance intended to exorcise this changes, trying to reinforce the current indexing journal system.

It is high time that scholars should openly, in the face of the whole world, share their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this challenges with a manifesto.

Researchers and Professors

The history of research quality assessment is the history of scholarly struggles.

In academia, the working class –researchers and professors– are fighting in the class struggle against the owners of the means of production in academia, the journals, and that the current class struggle could end either with revolution that restructure the system, or common ruin of the contending scholarly classes. 

Journals Vs. Professors

There is a hidden civil war between scholars: researchers/professors against editors of journals.

Editors have the power to publish, the power to make us professors progress in our careers.

The accumulation of power in journal hands, the formation of first class indexed publications, and the competition amongst the academics creates pressure on our daily lives.

Position of Academics in Relation to the Scholarly Civil War

We are just professors and researchers who want to publish in journals to improve as academics and find tenure.

We do not hate journal editors, we are not afraid of you. We don’t even know you.

We wish you no harm. On the contrary, we want to be your friends and make your editor life easier.

We love journals. We need to understand you.

To all professors/researchers who feel the same, share this message and help it reach journal editors.


4 Responses to The class struggle in academia. A manifesto

  1. Prior to coming It, this was not so bad position of academic life. For my comments, see, Professor Laurent Schwartz together my views. Now a days thinking power of persons so down they can not learn any new research. On the other hand ,whole world is full of dishonesty in Science & Technology. American Logician Alonzo church Logic provides Deficiencies In Definition & Structure of Function but even USA Govt seems to helpless for an honour of Alonzo Church due to the fact that present system of Science & Technology would disappear.

  2. Phillip Ein-Dor says:

    This manifesto ignores the very important fact that the editors of nearly all scientific journals are themselves also professors. So how did this become a war between professors and editors? A more relevant target might be the publishers of journals rather than the editors.

  3. We need to join forces and agree to the text of a manifest. The civil war is between professors, yes: those who are in agreement with the power because of convenience or fear, and those that want justice and ethics. We need to report, after a due analysis and selection, the many unjustified negative answers we receive from journals. And the cases when quality is not judged at our universities or agencies, just the calculation on indexed journals publication.

  4. Reader says:

    I found the description of any academic as working class as amusing.

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