I am happy to be a university professor


This week I would like to share with you the personal opinion of professors about our work, our profession, how we see ourselves.

I summarize the responses, collected in the social networks.


  • Charlotte: We learn as we teach. Teaching requires a constant improvement of the mind. That keeps you young.
  • Deepak: It is the joy of knowing and the satisfaction of giving it back in a refined manner what you know and have learnt.
  • Kirsten: The challenge of acquiring new knowledge and passing it on.


  • Keshav: I love teaching because it gives me an opportunity to interact with young minds.
  • Denis: It’s knowing that we have challenged not only our wee students but colleague as well! I received this email recently: Sometime when I finish with you I need a brain massage (smile) enjoying every minute”
  • Ammini: It puts you in the right environment, intellectual colleagues, academic and cultural activities and a whole bunch of young enthusiastic students.
  • Gregory: I feel great being a professor because of the “high” I get when I leave the classroom every day!


  • Wane: Being a Professor is just great and natural, it is a coveted title and I am proud of it because I worked and earned it.
  • Ashu: Can anyone get such love (from students) and respect in any other profession…?
  • Ralph: Teaching profession is the noblest of all professions in this world of human affairs.


  • Jorge: I don’t know if I want to do anything else but teaching at this point in my career.
  • Charlotte: Sometimes there is a phone call or a letter from someone who remembers a phrase, an answer, an encouragement. That’s a big reward.
  • Ravi: When I feel sick I raise up muster some strength and take a class. After one hour I get renewed energy. I am happy to be a teacher.
  • Mohandas: I chose teaching as a profession way back in 1968,… and I am still in love with my profession, teaching.
  • Mike: An hour in a class room with enthusiastic students gives you enough stimuli to face the problems.
  • Shubash: Today I have completed over 40 years in this job and still admire of my decision. When students look into my eyes and listen to you, I felt satisfied and even great
  • Janet: It’s a hard job, but I love it like no other job I’ve ever had.


  • Yasmin: I feel that I have made a small but value added contribution to the society.
  • Howard: My job is …  to help others to see and work politically to achieve some measure of social justice and transformation.
  • Rup: My passion is working with my students in a lab setting. Many of my former students are working in the industry and that’s what makes my job worthwhile.
  • Sushil: Another thing that makes me feel very good is that I keep running into my students and it is so good to know that most of them have found very good jobs after two years at a community college.
  • Kate: My satisfaction came in large part as a “change agent” in their lives.
  • Dugdale: I enjoy most is seeing my students faces light up when “they get it” and watching them become a professional in their field of Physical Therapy.
  • Richard: I love the impact that I’ve had on my “kids”.


  • Penny: I feel that I am molding new nurses and getting them started appropriately. I just love to teach. When I stop loving what I do, then I will stop.
  • Barry: Each year and each class is a new beginning. I love what I do in the classroom. Well-rounded students are the ultimate outcomes of today’s professors.
  • Mohammad: As a student I used to read to pass my own exams but now I am reading to ensure my students pass with merit!
  • Chris: It’s great to feel that you’re really helping people and having an impact on lives.
  • Jane: I always feel great every time am teaching my students, we are part of their future because we are there to support and help them.


Profs are the inspiration for this blog and for Gaudeamus, built to help them to keep changing the world.


7 Responses to I am happy to be a university professor

  1. Indraneel Mandal says:

    Couldn’t agree more. The opportunity to interact with and help youngsters, the learning experience, the social service angle – all of these make teaching so close to my heart and provide daily reaffirmation (as if that was needed!) that I have the best job in the world.

  2. ramlmmjem says:

    All the above….But both still scare me (even after 30 years)…I get butterflies when preparing for and before I go into a class or make a conference presentation and while I’m waiting for the room to settle…and I get nervous when I’m thinking how to start reading for and writing an article…And I love both equally when they’re underway….what a crazy existence!!! 🙂

    • Naima says:

      I totally agree on all what has been said. Who would not?? I would add the aspect of how my job affects my family life 🙂 as a mother and wife. My husband is in the same field so I let you imagine or dinner discussions. For the children it’s sometimes difficult for them to find a slot in a discussion. And for us, their parents we always see in them this or that student of ours… some times I scare myself with such thoughts. But in general I would say what a wonderful life to be a professor. And, one last thing… I love my job so much that when we moved to a new country to teach in a new university, and in order to create some social life for me and my children, I started a free conference series for my neighbors… and it works!:)

  3. If both don’t complement each other, they would have died.
    And I love to do both.
    Agreed with Naima as well, it effects family life specially in this part of world (Pakistan)

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