POLL: The future of research quality assessment

The main drivers of change regarding the assessment of research quality and its dissemination are the current Web 3.0. technology environment in education, open access journals/repositories and the consolidation of citation metrics tools.

Indexed journals have been adding high value to all academic stakeholders: professor, researchers, publishers, editors, professionals, universities, faculties and libraries; but has arrived the time for journals to change?

journal burning

Shape the future of publishing voting in the poll. Share with us your vision.

7 Responses to POLL: The future of research quality assessment

  1. Leon Crickmore says:

    There is much discussion about ‘indexed journals’, ‘ranking’, and ‘peer group assessment’ of academic articles. While these may serve as a safeguard against irrational opinion, they are, as has been stated, ‘socially and culturally created’. Our particular culture in the West is scientific and therefore essentially reductionist. For the future, we must find a way of restoring professional judgement and informed intuition into our algorithmic editorial procedures. Leon Crickmore.

  2. francile79 says:

    L’ha ribloggato su La Ricerca Sociale.

  3. ohio2013 says:

    Indexed journals (available electronically) are the most efficient way to research existing research – this is the first step of quality research.

  4. John Beachboard says:

    all methods have flaws and to some extent can be gamed. If someone really wants to judge the quality of a paper, they probably should read it.

  5. What is fundamental is the reviewers board, not the journal anymore. Association of reviewers must be created to qualify papers appearing in any media or journal. By paying a fee to the reviewers.

  6. Sungdae Ahn says:

    Both quantity and quality should be considered for knowing real impact on research.

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